Hearing loss usually begins unnoticed, don’t wait too long. On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about it. Too few people make a timely decision to take active steps to recover their hearing and increase their quality of life.

There are more than 10 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss, or one in six of the population.

From this total 3.7 million are of working age (16 – 64) and 6.3 million are of retirement age (65+).

About two million people in the UK have hearing aids, but only 1.4 million use them regularly.

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  • British Motorsports commentator Steve Parrish damaged his hearing as a motorcycle racer and was treated by Adam Shulberg at Cubex: “It took a few days for me to get used to the hearing aid but it has made living my frantic life much easier. I can even hear the clicking of the indicators on my car. To those worrying about wearing a hearing aid I’ll say this, if you don’t do it for yourself do it for your friends and family because not having to constantly repeat themselves makes their lives a whole lot easier too.”

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    British Motorsports commentator, Lyric user & Cubex patient
  • Jessica-Jane Clements Real-Hustle TV star, actress and model, was fitted with a Lyric hearing aid in 2012 after an illness in 2005 left her deaf in one ear.

    “It’s perfect for me because you can’t see it at all. Being an actress I have to wear my hair up a lot, and with constant close-ups and everything filmed in HD – I didn’t really want to have a hearing device that I have to keep taking out and putting back in again – I’d just end up losing it”.

    “I can now talk to people whether they are on my left or right side. I don’t have to re-arrange an entire table anymore!. During my first year I researched a lot, looking for other people who work as actors and actresses who suffer with hearing loss. I found out Rob Lowe was born with hearing loss – I really admire his work and I found this reassuring.”

    “People shouldn’t be embarrassed about hearing loss, it is much more common than you think”.

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    Please note this testimonial is for the Lyric product only
  • Jon was a year old when he contracted German measles which damaged his ears and led to hearing loss. Since then Jon has had no option but to wear hearing aids he ‘despises’ – particularly the bulky, unattractive behind-the-ear devices.

    Installed by a professional audiologist, Lyric sits in Jon’s ear canal for four months at a time, after which the Lyric is replaced. Tests were carried out beforehand to ensure that Lyric was appropriate for Jon, based on what his needs were. Ten days after instalment everything had settled down and Jon quickly adjusted to life with a hearing aid he never had to think about.
    One of the problems Jon found with hearing aids in the past was that he was continually taking them in or out and they were forever getting dirty. With Lyric, these problems have been erased and Jon never has to take it out – there is no maintenance involved whatsoever.

    Jon now takes hearing for granted. It’s made a massive difference to Jon’s confidence and he doesn’t feel that life is passing him by. Jon no longer feels like he has a disability thanks to Phonak Lyric.


    Please note this testimonial is for the Lyric product only
  • In 2005 Karen was invited to be a dancer on the BBC hit series Strictly Come Dancing where she won the competition with cricketer Mark Ramprakash (series 4) in 2006.

    But the condition affected other areas of her life too not only did she find it difficult taking part in interviews in her personal life she couldn’t swim because of the pressure the water would put on her ear, and had to tilt her head in the shower to avoid getting it wet and risking infection.

    However in 2012 Karen was fitted with a new hearing device called Lyric labelled ‘the contact lens for the ear’ it fits invisibly deep inside her ear canal and is worn 24 hours a day for up to 3 months at a time “I was in disbelief. They gave me my hearing back!.” The device has changed Karen’s life and she can even wear them.

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    Please note this testimonial is for the Lyric product only