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In Weekly Tip

By Jerusha Shulberg

Cubex Weekly TIP – Don’t stick cotton buds in your ears!

On 15, Feb 2018 | In Weekly Tip | By Jerusha Shulberg



In this week’s TIP Senior Audiologist and Managing Director of Cubex, Adam Shulberg talks about ear hygiene and more specifically ear wax removal and micro-suction.

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In Clinical Mindfulness

By Michael James Wong

Meditation tips for beginners

On 16, Sep 2017 | In Clinical Mindfulness | By Michael James Wong

Every day we apply cognitive energy to navigate through our auditory world, especially when living in a loud, chaotic, fast paced city like London. For the most part we are unaware of the mental skills and effort involved. However, as our natural ability to hear starts to reduce, we become even more reliant on our cognitive skills to make sense of the world and this increases the load on our brains which is why it comes as no surprise that untreated audiological conditions can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, poorer communication and eventual isolation.

Repeated experiences of stress is actually damaging for brain health and halts the birth of new neurons. Fortunately, our brains have the remarkable ability to change and form new healthy neural connections, we call this neuroplasticity.

The act of mindfulness and regular meditation practice promotes the relaxation response in the brain and has the potential to encourage new neural network connections and reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that are usually associated with hearing loss and tinnitus.(1)It increases our capacity to notice what is happening around us, giving us a fuller perspective on the present moment and can help us improve our attention and ability to concentrate and focus on something specific while ignoring distractions. It enables us to intentionally shape the direction of our plasticity and change the way we respond to life’s challenges. Simply put, we can use our thoughts and our breath to positively influence our mental & physical physiology.

There are a variety of Meditation techniques, styles and guidelines to help put the mind at ease, increase mental clarity and improve cognitive reserve in the most effective way. There are a few easy and accessible practices that are relevant for the modern man or women. In this article we speak to Cubex Clinical Mindfulness & Wellness Programmes Facilitator, Michael James Wong about the small steps that we can take to start a process of cultivating well-being.
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In News

By Cubex Concierge

How Cognitive Function is vital to the field of Audiology

On 29, Aug 2017 | In News | By Cubex Concierge

We are excited to share our recent interview with The Marylebone Journal. Deputy Editor, Viel Richardson caught up with Cubex Audiologist, Jerusha Shulberg to talk about cognitive function and the reasons why it is vital to understand its role in audiology especially when treating hearing loss.

As there is currently no way to completely restore a persons hearing when they experience a sensory neural hearing loss, hearing technology is used as a means to deliver sound to the brain, but sometimes, patients may still find it difficult to navigate their auditory world and to communicate with ease. This is where understanding the cognitive component becomes crucial.

As Cubex Audiologists, we are mindful that in order for us to be able help individuals make positive lifestyle changes we need to build a cognitive reserve, improve hearing and strengthen the ability to communicate.

It is vital to understand not simply what you are hearing, but also how well you process the complex information our brain receives from our surroundings and so we have developed a relaxed and innovative way to truly understand a persons hearing ability and unique cognitive skill sets. This approach allows us to provide our patients with a real awareness of their current state of living and enables us to provide the best possible support and the greatest improvement in their communication skills.

Read the full article on The Marylebone Journal or get in touch with us to find out more.

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In Food for Brains

By Jerusha Shulberg

Is there a connection between diet and hearing loss?

On 04, Apr 2017 | In Food for Brains | By Jerusha Shulberg

We regularly share brain boosting recipes and yoga tips for revitalising a weary brain, but what is the connection between diet, exercise and hearing loss?

The old saying “you are what you eat” does have some merit, but do you also hear what you eat? According to some studies, there does appear to be a connection between the quality of your food and hearing loss. Exercise matters too, specifically in relation to cognitive ability and how the brain processes sound.

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Time & Talk

On 30, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In Hear&Now | By Jerusha Shulberg

On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about it. Too few people make a timely decision to take active steps to recover their hearing and increase their quality of life.
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