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Independent hearing healthcare since 1964


Who we are

Established in 1964, Cubex is home to London’s highest standards of care in audiology.

We pride ourselves on delivering exemplary care and support for patients and professional colleagues.

What we do

Diagnostic audiology / Industrial audiology / Musicians hearing care / Hearing rehabilitation / Balance rehabilitation / Facial rehabilitation / Tinnitus management

How we do it

We are mindful of the physiological, psychosocial, emotional and cognitive factors that interact dynamically and culminate in the social problem that is hearing loss.

This is reflected in our unique approach to hearing care and audiology in general.

Latest News

Researchers use pupillometry to measure listening effort for the first time

22nd February 2017 by Rosie Williams

Oticon and the Eriksholm Research Centre have been able to measure the level of stress […]


UCL Ear Institute selects Cubex as a clinical placement site for students

16th November 2016 by Jerusha Shulberg

Cubex welcomes Madison Tutton, UCL MSc student. We are so excited to be working with […]


Study: Hearing gets more tiring for the brain as we age

28th October 2016 by Rosie Williams

With support from Sonova, a recent and globally unique study by the University of Zurich […]


Video: hearing aids help to keep your brain fit

29th June 2016 by Jerusha Shulberg

The Eriksholm Research Centre have shared this short but interesting video featuring Professor Hélène Amieva, […]


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