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Balance Rehabilitation

cubex balance rehabilitation

We think beyond isolated impairments and carefully consider your functional and psychosocial well-being. Working together as a multidisciplinary team of Audiology, Physiotherapy and where necessary Psychology, Psychiatry and integration of Pilates, we aim to provide bespoke and individualised treatment plans that are designed to give you greater independence and improve daily activities and your overall quality of life.

Getting Help

Step 1 – Get in touch and arrange your initial assessment so that we can:

1: Understand you and the impact of your dizziness and balance problems on your daily life
2: Evaluate your balance, vision, and general physical capabilities.
3: Help you understand your problems with balance

Step 2

We work with you to establish goals and create a treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Step 3

We help you implement this into your daily life over a period of time, assessing your progress and guiding you along to achieve your goals. Your plan may be adapted depending on your progress.

Individualised Care

It is essential to give you the time and space to express your concerns without feeling rushed. To ensure that we understand your situation and that you leave your appointment feeling fully informed, please allow an hour for the initial consultation.

A large part of your first appointment will be devoted to a detailed assessment of your dizziness and balance problems. The assessment will start with an in-depth discussion about the problems you have been having. Following this, we will perform a series of clinical tests to evaluate your balance, vision, and general physical capabilities.

Following the assessment, we share the findings with you and plan the most appropriate course of treatment.

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