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Independent hearing healthcare since 1964

Welcome to Cubex

Who we are

Established in 1964, Cubex is home to London’s highest standard of care in hearing, tinnitus, balance and audiology in general.

We believe in treating the person and not the condition!

About Cubex

What we do

People are our passion and we are committed to helping you achieve a better quality of life.

Improve hearing / Enhance communication / Restore balance / Overcome tinnitus / Protect hearing

Our Services

How we do it

Rather than one standard approach to treating hearing loss and audiological disorders, we use a number of methods that work independently and intertwine to create a complete, tailored and individual solution.

How we care

Latest News

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29th June 2016 by Jerusha Shulberg

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The benefits of yoga and meditation on brain health

29th June 2016 by Jerusha Shulberg

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